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If your computer is running very slow or if your internet takes an age to load pages or your computer is behaving erratically, you may well have a virus infection.

If you think you have a virus, DO NOT DELAY and Contact Us for our virus removal service, the consequences of virus infection can be severe.

Give our dedicated virus removal team a call on the numbers below:


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Our opening hours are from 9.00am to 6.00pm, Monday to Saturday.

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    Virus removal in Lancaster

    Identifying a problem

    Every day, Viruses, Malware, Spyware and Adware are becoming more prevalent and are a real threat to computer users. If your computer or laptop becomes infected it can lead to the loss of important data such as documents, photos and videos.

    Viruses arrive via a number of methods, mainly email, internet and storage media, and can range from the annoying to downright malicious. Some can give you tiresome pop ups and some can gain access to your personal data and steal your identity; this can lead to money theft and debt troubles.

    Seek help immediately

    Continuing to use your computer, whilst having a virus, is multiplying the problem and deepening the consequences of having invasive and malicious software on your machine.  You wouldn’t find a burglar in your home and not take action then go and take a bath.

    The good news is our technicians are experts in returning infected technology to good health.

    Determining the virus type

    There are many different types of virus but the most common types are as follows:

    • File Infector Virus: Probably the most common type of virus that is embedded in a host file and comes into action when the file is executed.
    • Malware / Spyware: Covertly gathers user data through the user’s Internet connection without their knowledge, and can gather information about e-mail addresses, security details and banking information.
    • Worms: A worm will replicate itself and spread from device to device through network vulnerabilities.
    • Trojans: A program created to, amongst other things, install malicious code that may then destroy and delete files or steal your information and digital identity.

    If you think you require our virus removal service, Contact Us without hesitation and we can return your device to a clean and safe state.

    More common types of virus we encounter

    Our virus removal service covers these common types of computer virus:

    • Resident Virus
    • Multipartite Virus
    • Direct Action Virus
    • Browser Hijacker
    • Overwrite Virus
    • Web Scripting Virus
    • Boot Sector Virus
    • Macro Virus
    • Directory Virus
    • Polymorphic Virus
    • File Infector Virus
    • Encrypted Virus
    • Companion Virus
    • Network Virus
    • Nonresident Virus
    • Stealth Virus
    • Sparse Infector
    • Spacefiller Virus

    There are many issues that are not listed so Contact Us to discuss any problems you may have.

    Some of the services we undertake

    • PC repairs and computer repairs
      • Memory Faults
      • Thorough Servicing and Cleaning
      • Setting Up New Computers
      • Transferring E-mails and Files
      • Hardware Upgrades
      • Hard Drive Upgrades
      • Windows Repairs
      • Windows Re-Installation
      • Windows Optimisation
      • Microsoft Windows Problems
      • Driver Installation
      • Faulty USB Ports
    • Laptop repairs and netbook repairs
      • Broken Screens
      • DC Power Socket
      • Broken Keyboards
      • Faulty USB Ports
      • Memory Replacement
      • Case & Bezel replacement
      • Motherboard Faults
      • Blu-ray Drive Repairs
      • Inverter replacement
      • Charger Repair
      • Charging Port Broken
      • Virus Infection Removal
    • Tablet repairs and iPad repairs
      • Screen Repairs
      • Sound Problems
      • App Errors
      • LCD Replacement
      • Unresponsive Digitizer
      • Home Button Replacement
      • Volume Buttons Repairs
      • Power Button Replacement
      • Camera Repairs
      • Headphone Jack Problems
      • Software Set-up
      • Battery Replacement
    • Virus removal
      • Trojan Removal
      • Malware Removal
      • Ransomware Removal
      • Adware Removal
      • Spyware Removal
      • Anti-virus Software Help
      • Malicious Software Removal
      • Windows Security Check
      • Software Update Check
      • Browser Hijack Removal
      • Security Advice
      • Software Cleanup
    • Data recovery and File recovery
      • Internal Hard Drives
      • SSD Drives
      • External Hard Drives
      • USB Flash drive
      • Optical Discs
      • Compact Flash Card
      • Secure Digital (SD)
      • Micro SD
      • Smart Media Card
      • SDHC Flash Card
      • Multimedia card (MMC)
      • xD-Picture Card
    • Smartphone and iPhone repairs
      • Software Set-up
      • Battery Replacement
      • Broken Connectors
      • Liquid Damage
      • Digitizer Replacement
      • Software Updates
      • Software Corruption
      • Scratched Screens
      • Cracked Cases
      • Charging Ports
      • Front Camera Replacement
      • Rear Camera Replacement
    • Telephone landline services
      • BT Master Sockets
      • Telephone Socket Repair
      • Internal Fault Finding
      • Telephone Cable Repairs
      • Dropping Broadband
      • Telephone Socket Movement
      • Line Crackling Fix
      • Damp Socket Replacement
      • Broadband Faults
      • Telephone Extension Installation
      • BT Faceplate Replacement
      • Telephone Socket Installation
    • Network installation and security
      • Wifi Installation
      • Router Setup
      • Internet Advice
      • RJ45 Socket Repairs
      • Cat5 Cabling
      • Network Extensions
      • Wireless Repeaters
      • Network Security
      • Broadband Setup
      • WiFi Signal Enhancement
      • Device Connection
      • Network Repairs

    Local and regional technical services delivery

    We offer a call-out service to those working or living within a 25 mile radius of the Morecambe Bay area. Usually we are able to carry out a repair straight away at your home or workplace. Occasionally, if screens need replacing or operating systems need installing, we will take your faulty item to our workshop and bring it back to you once the repair is finished.

    We are based in the Morecambe Bay and Lancaster area and have decades of experience in dealing with every hardware and software issue you can imagine. If you need a professional service carried out by qualified technicians, Bay Computers is the one for you.

    Some of the areas we cover

    • Lancashire

      • Morecambe
      • Lancaster
      • Heysham
      • Carnforth
      • Garstang
      • Hest Bank
      • Hala
      • Quernmore
      • The Trough of Bowland
      • Caton
      • Hornby
      • Tunstall
      • Newlands
      • Bolton le Sands
      • Slyne
      • Skerton
      • Halton
      • Glasson Dock
      • Overton
      • Middleton
      • Aldcliffe
      • Stodday
      • Bailrigg
      • Ellel
      • Heaton
      • Conder Green
      • Bay Horse
      • Dolphinholme
      • Galgate
      • Abbeystead
      • Cockerham
      • Forton
      • Capernwray
      • Borwick
      • Nether Kellet
      • Over Kellet
      • Arkholme
      • Gressingham
      • Aughton
      • Melling
      • Tewitfiled
      • Docker
      • Dalton
      • Sandside
      • Beetham
      • Warton
      • Silverdale
      • Yealand Conyers
      • Yealand Redmayne
      • Yealand Storrs
      • Millhead
      • Hale
      • Wray
      • Cantsfield
      • Wrayton
      • Burrow
      • Leck
      • Ireby
    • Cumbria

      • Kirkby Lonsdale
      • Crooklands
      • Kendal
      • Newby Bridge
      • Dent
      • Sedbergh
      • Burneside
      • Grange over Sands
      • Arnside
      • Sandside
      • Milnthorpe
      • Hincaster
      • Levens
      • Cartmel
      • Flookburgh
      • Barbon
      • Mansergh
      • Storth
      • Heversham
      • Brigsteer
      • Killington
      • Bowston
      • Staveley
      • Holme
      • Cark
      • Natland
      • Oxenholme
      • Meal Bank
      • Selside
      • Meathop
      • Lindale
      • Millthrop
      • Hutton Roof
      • Burton in Kendal
      • Clawthorpe
      • Farleton
    • Yorkshire

      • Ingleton
      • Settle
      • Burton in Lonsdale
      • Stainforth
      • Bentham
      • Clapham
      • Wham
      • Keasden
      • Giggleswick
      • Langcliffe
      • Stackhouse
      • Austwick
      • Feizor
      • Lawkland
      • Eldroth
      • Chapel le Dale
      • Rathmell
      • Newby